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Who Is Hamilton Cleaners

To be an environmentally responsible leader and a preferred provider of a convenient and hassle-free dry cleaning experience. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our individual customer through diversified and interactive solutions.
Through our coveted and proprietary cleaning process, we provide a superior and environmentally friendly dry cleaning process. We are not an alternative choice but rather a cleaner dedicated to delivering the most sought after product on the market.
Wet Cleaning is an environmentally friendly, superior method of cleaning. Across North America, more and more cleaners are adopting the “wet cleaning” process, while the use of perchlorethylene and solvent based (chemical) cleaning methods are being greatly reduced.

Welcome To Hamilton Cleaners

Our History
Since the early 1970’s Hamilton Cleaners has proudly served our customers with a dedication and level of service unequaled in the Hamilton area. We have created a full service dry cleaning company that has been built on great working relationships, unsurpassed customer service and a strong commitment to our industry.

Why We’re Different
When you entrust us with your clothing, you expect the items to be cleaned, repaired…. simply put – you expect your items to be serviced to your satisfaction.  That’s where Hamilton Cleaners raises the bar – we aim to exceed your expectations.  We do this by delivering a consistent product and providing the optimal service that you deserve.  THE ICING ON THE CAKE – we will pick up and deliver everything we service at no additional charge!!!!!!!!

We Bring It All Together

Great People • Cutting Edge technology • Unsurpassed Service

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